Death of a dialogue

You can actually feel what each character goes through and feels like.. rare to come across poems that tug at your heartstrings like this!

A Pocketful of Words

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Memories are a constant dialogue in our minds, reminding us of the years gone by in vivid colours, smells, sounds, fleeting touches… They are snapshots of our entire lives from birth until…

But what happens when memories begin to fade away, leaving white spaces where colour used to be? When silence echoes where sounds used to be? When we can talk with our memories no more? When the mind is emptied of its thoughts and its conversations with the past die…. stripping even the most brilliant, the most creative minds of the rich tapestry that they spend their lives weaving.

And what happens to those who love you when they see themselves die in your memories?

Death of a dialogue

The vacuous eyes, the empty stare,
The way the doctor said it’d be,
Her mind is shutting down,
She is losing her memory.

The memories in my…

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By Sadhana Wadhwa

Sadhana Wadhwa lives in India. She took to the world of books like a moth to the flame and there has been no looking back ever since. She had started writing down her thoughts and observations on almost everything, especially relations since childhood. After a decade long separation from the pen, she resumed writing and her works were featured in numerous anthologies. Her debut book "Unspoken" was released in November 2019 and has been getting great reviews so far.

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