The Three Psychos – Review

A plot not usually found – three different stories bound together by one single thread. Yash Pawaskar’s book attempts doing that and succeeds to most part. The blurb was intriguing enough when I first read it. Once you start reading it, you actually like it more. The book is basically about three different lives who […]


Being apart. Yet together. No matter the physical presence doesn’t matter Once you reach the destination of oneness Yet. You may never reach there.  N number of things that you can compare it with.  Two ends of river that think of one other they can never be with.  And then. Nothing you can enjoy to fullest.  […]

The Meaning

Read this among some of the amazing quotes from Mr. Murakami, this got me thinking. How true or not can it be? I mean if you try, why can you not be successful in expressing your emotions using as much apt words as possible! You’re happy about something, say it. You’re hurting about something or […]