Tornado Giveaway 3 -‘Binding Arbitration’ by Elizabeth Marx

Tornado Giveaway 3 – Binding Arbitration



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They had finally came on a long “late night” drive. Just like the old times when they used to sneak out of their houses for trips like these. The car’s speed increased in conjunction with their happiness meter. Before long, all they concentrated on was each other, rather than…


Fall. Weep. Get hurt. Feel. Acknowledge the negatives. Get bogged down by things and it’s relatives. Fear. Loneliness. Reach the pinnacle of the feeling called hopelessness. Stop when tired. Get shattered. Scream. Howl. Break, in pain. Escape. Cry your heart out. Stop feeling. Get out of that. Get away from there. Empty yourself entirely. Slowly stand […]

Journey – Just Another Real Fairy Tale!

You as usual carry on living in your own world. Just another day at work, the only new thing being the change of environment and new people you get to meet. Enter the “Hulk” seemingly forever in the bad mood… Arrogance personified! And, in that instant, the most weird wish for that time – “Wish […]

The Thin Line of Distinguishing

House full of people yet the feeling of loneliness. Affection also can have segregation. How can it be possible, for someone to be both – Aloof to the extreme yet be the polar opposite for some at the same time. Any number of reasons to not be happy with someone, and the buck never stops […]

The Boiling Point

Everything in this world, at some point in time, has a boiling point. Some very early some as late. You’ll meet the likes of helium you’ll also say hi to people akin to tungsten. Some you meet midway like water.. The thought that comes wandering is isn’t there a uniformity and discipline even in stuff […]