Being apart. Yet together. No matter the physical presence doesn’t matter Once you reach the destination of oneness Yet. You may never reach there.  N number of things that you can compare it with.  Two ends of river that think of one other they can never be with.  And then. Nothing you can enjoy to fullest.  […]

And the fragrance lingers on…

Another day, well gone. The usual banter, all along. Wake up, eat, work, delete and sleep. Some stops in the journey make you weep. Tid-bits and gossips, Pressures, balancing act and beyond. Smiles, conversations Give the satisfaction; What and where comes from, the attraction. Tis said, people before everything. Talk about bliss, money can do […]

Kiss of the Breeze

The jingle of the chimes, the rustling of the leaves, The darkness of the clouds filling in the skies. The moonlight filtering through, The horizon taking a rosy hue. The soothing silence, The silver lining. The deafening roar of the thunderous passing clouds, the raging winds, swooshing their raindrop swords. The blackness that brings, rainbow […]


Fall. Weep. Get hurt. Feel. Acknowledge the negatives. Get bogged down by things and it’s relatives. Fear. Loneliness. Reach the pinnacle of the feeling called hopelessness. Stop when tired. Get shattered. Scream. Howl. Break, in pain. Escape. Cry your heart out. Stop feeling. Get out of that. Get away from there. Empty yourself entirely. Slowly stand […]


Dekha jab un panno ko palat ke, waqt k thapedo ne fir se kuch zinda kia. Guzarishe toh bahot thi zindagi se magar, kuch humne use kuch usne humein barbad kia. Kitabi khayalo me pale badhe, duniya ki berehmi ko kya samajhte. Unhi sapno ne toda humein, jinhone humne socha humein abad kia.

The Monsters in my Closet

Wandering through the unending passageways, Seeking a little flicker of hope. Running away from all that is past, which have been trying to cope. Darkness is the most powerful they say, wait till it is defeated by what happens for real. A battle never ending, the all consuming anger and guilt. Anger about the helplessness […]