A Story Between the Lines – Book Review

Blurb: Adi, a soft rebel with a strong mind, challenged the world with his smile. Nila, an innocent girl with a beautiful heart, loved the world with all she had. Love sparkled in the mountains, when Adi’s adrenaline lost to Nila’s serenity.

Life struck them hard when Adi woke up to a rude shock. His Nila had disappeared and his memories were lost in an accident that Adi cannot recollect. With memories betraying him, he trusts his love to lead him to Nila.

Running against time, he felt truth closing in from all directions. The more answers he got, the further his destination became. Adi dared the distance, which was a war-torn land, engraved with scars.

Can Adi’s journey lead to his destination? Or was the journey a destination by itself?

This book by Santosh Sivraj dwells on an interesting though previously tried concept. The hero, losing his memory owing to an accident and embarking on a journey to find his better half is something we’ve all seen or heard before. Though there are numerous ways of telling one concept. The author does it well.

The blurb interested me and I picked this one up. I had a little expectation set at the outset and this book managed to achieve that even if partially. The pace is set and the story progresses well.

One hiccup I found was the transition between the past and present. That’s very abrupt and took me few moments to understand that what I’m reading is the present or happened in the past.

Nila’s character is sketched out very well, depicting her as the naive village belle. Adi, came across as a doting husband. Though other characters may have been more time to etch out.

Another thing which sort of dampened the experience is the overdose of philosophical concepts. Though good but quantity beat quality.

Overall, a good read.

Rating – 3/5

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