Beyond Scars – Book Review

There’s a reason why they give so much of importance to book cover andthe blurbs. They make or break a potential reader’s interest in that particular book after all. In this case, the result was positive!

Blurb – Hi, I am Avinash, but this is not my story. This is the story of Avni, my sister. I know the smell of cement and bricks still pulls her to the incident seven years ago where she made a daring yet ruthless decision. I know she is drifting away. I know she has begun to find comfort in Vivaan. But I don’t know if I like it.

Hi, I am Avni, but this is not my story. This is the story of Vivaan, the stunning, vivacious painter. There is something sad about the paintings he has locked away from the world in his storeroom. But he never talks about it. But then there are a lot of things he doesn’t talks about, like how deeply he loves me.

And what about Dev and Kangana? Isn’t this their story too? It wouldn’t have been if only we did one single thing differently on that ill-fated night, the night that changed the course of our destiny. And hey, I am Vivaan.

And what about me? Why does nobody talk about me? Or talk to me? Because I am a little girl or because…Well, this is my story too. You will ask who I am? The answer lies somewhere in the pages of BEYOND SCARS.


This for sure piqued my interest and it was able to keep the interest in till the last page.. the number of characters in the beginning appear a little vague. Not properly sketched out, but few pages down, you’re hooked.

This is a story of sibling love and camaraderie, about the first love that slowly trickles in and embraces one in its warmth, the hopes and dreams we all have had in our college years.

It’s also about the past which haunts – many of us, playing a huge role in moulding us into the adult we end up becoming.

When you start understanding the main characters of Avinash, Vivaan and Avni, you start empathizing with them, smiling and understanding their thoughts. You smile nostalgically when you read about the fun moments between the siblings Avinash and Avni, and the innocent love that springs up between Avni and Vivaan. It’s also about the one incident that alters their lives irrevocably, leaving behind a gaping hole when someone you love leaves you back alone in this world.

I could feel myself weeping silently when these characters were dealing with their losses. Their equations with their parents also undergoes a drastic transformation.

The only low point which I could feel was the chapter in Avni’s life which tells us about the initial years of her marriage. Seemed a bit cliched and oh so known and seen courtesy movies and sitcoms what not. But if you set that aside, it quickly moves on to the abrupt but breezy climax to end well.

As the closing remarks, crisp writing and good editing makes this one a compelling read. You’d enjoy this.

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