The Unceremonious Revenge – Book Review

As they say, “revenge is best served cold”.

Revenge – there’s something so compelling about this whole concept, it intrigues. This is a feeling which can creep in in any form, at any stage in life and take over anyone’s mind.

We’ve been witnessing many stories about how revenge has been the best motivation for humans to do something. There’s a dearth of examples, in print or movies and series. Some stories are outright outlandish, where some strike a chord. You can actually hop on and enjoy the ride, smirking whenever the adversary is defeated, mind working in overdrive when the protagonist suffers a setback as to how to proceed best.

Like I said, revenge comes in many forms, can take birth due to any reason, which transforms to become a full fledged story. One such is titled “The Unceremonious Revenge”.

These stories, are enjoyed best when they’re crisp, irrespective of the medium chosen to tell the tale. This short novella does justice to the theme in its own unique way. What starts of at a slower pace for some, takes it own sweet time to build up the steam. And once that is achieved, it smoothly hurtles towards the definitive climax.

Now, even if the basic premise is a done to death concept, thanks to a considerable chunk of the bollywood movies we’ve been watching, there’s always a new way to work the same theme. A typical power play story, it is about the antagonist being the present politician’s son and how he takes pride in misusing this privilege and the never ending ego a person like this carries; the protagonist who’s akin to a wounded tiger what with the partner having been snatched away.. events running up to the actual reason for the rivalry taking a turn for worse – all this chalk out the concept of the book.

The author has made an effort to keep the story as rooted to reality as possible and we can relate to the happenings for the most part. The rural setting, frustration a person buries inside when suddenly faced with the harsh realities and responsibilities of life forcing them to let go of their aspirations and dreams. All these are happening to many of us, relatable.

However, there are certain stops in the book which cuts that connect up. You are left confused about who’s talking, what’s the context, in short – what is happening! Thankfully though, it was just twice that this happened to me..

All in all, The Unceremonious Revenge is a refreshing short read, if you’re looking for a quick read you can consider this one for sure..

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