Twenty Three – Book Review

Blurb: Everyone has a story to tell or a story that deserves to be told. Since no person is the same, everyone’s life is a unique tale.
This uniqueness of different lives is honoured by Twenty Three: Collection of Short Stories that narrates the lives of various people.
Twenty Three tells all kinds of stories, ranging from stories of ordinary people to those of paranormal entities. So, step into different dimensions as you flip through the various stories of Twenty Three.

A blurb is perhaps the most important part of any book. It sells or repels the book from the reader.

Twenty Three came across as an interesting read. I could feel the intrigue building slowly as I came across conversations regarding the same and wanted to read.

And I did.

If you ask me about the outcome, I’m a little confused about how to put it forth right. The concepts about the stories had a lot of variety. But the buck stopped there. For the major portions I had just one thought – what did the author actually intend to portray?

Reiterating, there are few of them which were the best of the lot. But setting up the context was so out of place or unnecessary many a times that the reader might lose interest altogether. Like it happened to me a lot.

For instance, the book starts with a story where the narrator is describing how a certain person is on a quest to reach and know about the forbidden world. And how it all ends up in a bad dream. Or rather a harsh reality. However, the climax could’ve been far crispier and nail biting, even for a short story.

Down the lane, there was another one about how we should only be good as an individual and how our actions etc. have a profound effect on the lives we ultimately lead. There was a really long preface about how to live right that the actual story was lost out. By the time I came to know about the girl’s story.. I had lost the interest.

Another thing that worked as a dampener is the sentence formations and more importantly the choice of words.

This is one of those books for me which has a lot of promise and potential, but fails to match up.

All said and done, the basic premise that works for this book is the topics of the stories. They do create an interest. You can give it a try once.

Apart from that the other thing which catches your fancy is the book cover. It deserves a mention. The subtle and beautiful abstract about a boy against he backdrop of the realm is very attractive.

Buy it here:

Amazon (Kindle edition)

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