Table For One – Book Review

One does not have to necessarily go some place to experience it! You would do equally good with a good book and a pinch of your imagination.

Table for One is one such journey you can embark on. A beautiful month long sojourn to all the best places on Europe, staying right where you are..

The story is written in a simple yet very engaging and refreshing manner. Yes, there’s a big time similarity between the plot and movies like DDLJ and Queen, but that is essentially just in parts.

The protagonist Taara, has a life very similar to what most of us have. A well paying job, loving family.. but her love life is in shambles !

And on a whim, she goes for a trip across Europe and the people and experiences she has along the way.

Table for One is a warm, refreshing and humourous tale of finding oneself. I personally felt it has been gladly peppered with the author’s personal experiences from her trip and those feelings and descriptive narrations adds much to the story.

A light-hearted read – Table for One leaves you with a cosy feeling..

Buy it here:


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