Lovestruck – Book Review

“Living with someone you love can be lonelier than living entirely alone, if the one that you love doesn’t love you.”

― Tennessee William

Love, the easiest and the most complex emotion in the universe! It makes you do things which you would otherwise not, turns you into a totally different individual. And perhaps it is the most powerful force to transform a person into either a better or worse person than what they currently are.

To love someone and to live with another, is just a punishment scarier than anything else in this world.

Lovestruck, takes us on one such journey about this emotion felt by two individuals who might have been on the other end of the traditionally accepted notions of the society at first. Whether they meet or not, is to be seen.

A wonderful debut by author Prasupta Roy, Lovestruck is engaging. The book gives you a peak into the life of Katyayani – an English teacher who aims to achieve success and recognition is her field. However, things don’t go as planned and she ends up getting married to Hemant. Before long, she finds herself being reduced to a person who has to let go of her dreams and wishes, all because Hemant doesn’t like them. Forsaking everything, her only purpose in life now remains to have a baby. But alas, that also turns into a distant dream.

The resulting aloofness of her husband, lack of company, and devoid of any other outlet for her emotions, she finds herself plunging one bit into depression. On one such dull day, she gets one text message from Siddharth, an unknown. An impulsive decision to accept the friend request and further start to their conversations. This start in turn gives birth to a series of events that soon blossoms into full fledged love between Katyayani and Siddharth.

However, circumstances as usual take their test when Hemant gets transferred to Bangalore and Katyayani has to leave behind only her memories with Siddharth. The wheel of time moves on and she soon finds herself divorced from Hemant, the person who she did not leave even if she didn’t love him.

Like they say, every negative paves the way for a greater good. Katyayani strengthens herself and moves forward with her ambitions. Many years later, destiny once more gives her an unusual gift. What that gift is, remains to be read…

Lovestruck strikes a cord with the reader with its choice of words, and a subtle maturity in the storyline. You feel getting entangled as much as Katyayani in her life. You find yourself getting annoyed with Hemant’s behaviour and nature. You feel for Siddharth when Katyayani tells him of their parting, feel happy when Katyayani picks up the pieces of her life and starts afresh. You actually feel a sliver of hope as the story progresses.

The only confusing point, probably only for me remains – why would anybody accept a random friend request and get talking in the first place! (That may very well be a personal thought process, but still 🙂 Siddharth should have been given a better introduction into the storyline!).

Overall, a compelling short read. Much recommended!

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