I Shall Always Love You – Book Review

Reincarnation is a concept that gives one a lot of scope to get their imaginations working freely. However, you can still make or break it. Author Shilpa Jain has taken this chance and used it nicely, by penning down a journey of four characters whose lives are intertwined. What holds them together is what forms the crux of the story starting from Mumbai, all the way to Khajuraho.

Narration has been taken care of well. The way the story starts from the present day, detailing the lives of all four characters, building the thrill up to lead them to the ruins of Khajuraho was interesting. How the protagonist, Shiv Sanyal accidentally sets out on a journey of unraveling the identity of the mysterious lady to carving up a masterpiece that gets him entangled in a plagiarism row is thrilling.. From there how he starts digging in the details of that sculpture and gets to ultimately remember his past life and the connection between him and the mysterious lady was pacy.

The introduction of a new character in Kajhuraho and how he makes up an important link in the story is awesome, as his character was a piece in the puzzle which was both predictable and undefined.

Overall, even if the story starts out at a rather slow pace, it picks up really well as you turn the pages. This is bound to get you engrossed and finish the book in one go. For her debut, Shilpa Jain has done an awesome job.

This would be for one of those days when you are running short of time but still want to read a good one.

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