Lost Moments…


Hey there, do you listen to the clock ticking away,
Making fun at you for letting these moments slip away.

For what could be the reason for this ego and pride,
All it’d result in is letting you feel deprived.

Of all the warmth that could’ve been felt,
Radiating from the soul that before you knelt.

Of all the affections you could’ve got,
If only you’d not made yourself a robot.

Of all those conversations you could’ve had,
Those days when talking could’ve made you the most glad.

Of what good is hiding away all that you feel,
What if the other is waiting for you to deal.

What would give you the satisfaction of not blurting it out,
Locking those words and feelings away and sulking with a pout.

Mayhap this would be realised that final day,
Expressing yourself out could’ve made the other stay.

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