Emotions and Elation – Book Review

Sometimes, there comes along a book, which takes you back to the most treasured part of memories, makes you revisit, relive those moments and feel blessed even more for they are there in the history of your life..

This book, does exactly the same. I believe every woman out there who is a mother, would agree. For there can never be a more proud, happy and numerous, indescribable feelings attached to what we call “parenthood”.


With “Emotions and Elation”, Banani Das Dhar has penned down her journey towards becoming a parent. And with every single statement that I read, I found myself nodding my head agreeing to all those things written in there. How could I not, I went through the same, starting precisely eighteen months ago! 🙂

It is true, that those nine months are a roller coaster ride. Especially for the first time. All those hormones acting up, morning sickness, weird emotional states and what not. She has jotted down all those, capturing in the subtle nuances as well. The best thing about this memory, getting her husband involved in the process as well.

Agreed, the husbands are as much an active participants as we women, but getting her husband to pen down his points of view, what he went through in those nine months of waiting was sweet. I could relate the things he listed to my husband. For example, talking to the little one at nights, playing, etc. are all bound to strengthen the bond, even before they get to actually hold the baby.

I started reading this while on a break at work. And i was so drowned reading and simultaneously reliving my own experience, that I didn’t even realise I had reached the end of the book; leaving behind a lingering bittersweet taste.

As an ending note, I would totally recommend flipping through this, going through the beautiful journey this couple had, while you may or may not yet, revisit your own memories..

P.S. – the last of the mutual connections was – the birth month! Even that turned out to be the same..!

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