Fragments : You & I – Book Review

“In Freeing Ourselves, We Caged Each Other.”

Human relations are complex, much more than the rest of the complexities on earth. Amidst all the chaos, taking out few moments and acknowledging and capturing our moods, thoughts and everything related is not an easy job.

Blurb: From scientists, psychologists, ports to painters, many have tried to define love. But it still remains a mystery & a subject if curiosity.

‘Fragments: You and I’ I’d a picture book about love & relationships, where words and images come together to illustrate the feeling of love, with its nuances & complexities.

Fragments… Is a good attempt to put forth the emotions and thought process of any relationship, not limited to any one in particular.

A picture book, to start with – for any beginner can be a little unnerving. It was for me too. But few pages down the line you’re able to pick up the vibes.

The depiction of the various phases and moods one goes through in any relationship, using the mathematical sets is a refreshing change. You’re able to figure out the complexities which are there. What could have been and was not. What all was lost in the process or gained.

Vasundhara has managed to mix it all and make a rather good cocktail of emotions. Amongst others, few of the quoted really manages to strike a chord.

“We wrapped each other like a blanket and robbed us of our warmth.”

Beginning with the phase where we tend to feel mildly annoyed about what it could’ve been and whatever it’s not, till the time where we finally make peace with all the realities and accept of with a pinch of salt. This short yet sweet attempt is a refreshing read.

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