65 Colours of Rainbow – Book Review

65 Colours of Rainbow

One of the best things about the book – short, crisp, quick read. Picking out a line from the book blurb – “The happiest people in the world
are not those who have no problems, but those who learn to live
with things that are less than perfect.”

The author has made a good attempt at utilising the above statement. This book is a collection of 65 really short stories based in the Corporate/IT world. Being an IT engineer myself, I could relate to the situations. These things happen. Quite normal.

However, that being said, what I could not connect to is finding humour in many of these listed situations. For instance, there was a story about a guy who was careless, and situations arose where he bumped into a female colleague rather unceremoniously and they ended up getting married! Purely my personal opinion – i failed somehow to find any humour in the situation leading up to their marriage.

Apart from that, of course there are stories where i felt good reading them. For instance, the one where forwards were sent to different HRs instead of sending the resume one to one, and couple others were a light hearted read.

Overall, the thought behind writing these stories is the best thing – life happens. Yet, we should endeavour to fish out slivers of humour from the work-laden lives we all lead.

A one-time read to take out some stress out of a normal day.

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