Relics of Magic – Book Review

Everyone wants at least a little bit of magic in their lives, and books are certainly a proven way to get transported into another world, where there can be magic, and what not.

Relics of Magic.jsp

“Relics of Magic” – the journey that the protagonist, Ajieth, undertakes to fulfil his belief – find his magic. The title of the book and the cover seem interesting, and promise to find a good read. The story premise is good.

However, there are a lot of dampening factors that steal away those moments of magic. For me, any book should have zero grammatical mistakes, and this one had that in abundance. It definitely took me a while to get a hang of it since the start itself was confusing. Though even after halfway through, the story was still confusing. There are no definite starts and ends to the sub-plots and scenes. One moment you are here with a certain set of characters, the next you are just some place totally disconnected to the current scene yet the story continues from there.

Though there were a lot of minuses for me while reading this, there were definitely a lot of positives as well. The character sketch of the protagonist, is a motivating one. He totally believes in himself and his staunch belief that magic is his true calling gives you a sort of happy vibes. You would take a moment out and appreciate the grit he shows.

Overall, would have been a great read if only the grammatical and syntactical aspects were taken care of.. Stops just short of being an awesome read for me!

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