The Irony of Happy Muharram – Book Review

BlurbWhat does it mean to be an Indian Muslim in today’s day and age? If you have ever wondered about the answer to this question then this is the book for you. Find the answer to all those questions you have always wanted to ask about Muslim marriages, divorce and many other issues; but be prepared for the fact that the average Indian muslim is just like everyone else. The main attempt of the book is to highlight, with the help of humour, that India is a huge country with many different communities and just as each community has its own customs and rituals so do Muslims but this does not in any way lessen any aspect of their Indian identity. A light hearted look at serious issues.

Islam. Growing up, it had been more of an enigma rather than a religion. Distorted facts, incomplete information and more, had made up a mindset that drew us away from knowing what it actually is. Even if we had Muslim colleagues and friends, we may or may not have had the necessary confidence to set aside our pre-conceived notions and ask them about their realities.

This book aims to do just that – throw some light on what actually goes on in an average Muslim household or with an individual. The first topic itself, was relatable. Names. Shakespeare had said, “what’s in a name”. A lot, actually. Having been on the receiving end myself, i could relate to the confusions and annoyance felt at those times when people so carelessly mess up your name and then feign innocence!

The best part of the book was the humorous narration. Picking up some serious topics, coating them up with a generous dose of humour, makes this book a light-hearted introduction to the Muslim world.

There were some downsides as well for me though. At a few places, it felt that certain topics have been touched in a very rushed manner and left in between. Though this might not be the case for others.

Lastly, the most remembered take-away – i finally know the reason behind Muharram and why it’d be the most ridiculous thing to wish a “Happy” Muharram to any Muslim!

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