The Three Psychos – Book Review


The Three Psychos

The Three Psychos

The Three Psychos

The Three Psychos

A plot not usually found – three different stories bound together by one single thread. Yash Pawaskar’s book attempts doing that and succeeds to most part.

The blurb was intriguing enough when I first read it. Once you start reading it, you actually like it more. The book is basically about three different lives who come together in the end due to a common factor.

The first story – DE22912 – starts off a little weird but you get sucked into the story soon. The protagonist’s state of mind being caged in that white box is radiated through a good narration. It’s a kind of good feeling you get once you get to know why he was in there in the first place, and how he sets about redeeming himself.

“Patient Number 9” – the second in line comprises a sequence of events that’s slightly hard to follow for the first few pages, but you would still end up reading it for the funny Bollywood loving pig! I found it a bit stretched, though it’s strictly a personal opinion.

Last in the offering is titled “Six Bullets” – a bit hard hitting – due to the fact that how come a person would suddenly get skewed enough to go on a “cleaning” rampage.. Again a personal opinion though, I felt I couldn’t connect to the story so much. Irrespective of that, it’s a well written one. You could feel the anger emanating out of the protagonist throughout, and it remains with the readers I believe about how much they relate to the motives given behind the actions.

Overall, a good offbeat short read.

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