The Meaning

Read this among some of the amazing quotes from Mr. Murakami, this got me thinking. How true or not can it be? I mean if you try, why can you not be successful in expressing your emotions using as much apt words as possible! You’re happy about something, say it. You’re hurting about something or didn’t like what somebody did, just be upfront and tell them, what big deal? 
I followed this train of thoughts for awhile before I even realised. Being a person who’s hesitant or thinks not good enough to express properly, I still believed its way easier in reality to express, than just keep procrastinating what would go wrong if I did. 

But then I saw my better half, and I immediately knew. Every piece came together on their own. The meaning of that quote, the depth it carries and ultimately how true it is. Even after having our fair share of ups and downs, moments where I actually hate him for not understanding me or whatever; and I know it to be true the other way round as well! Still, the heart knows – no matter how much you can get annoyed and angry and stuff like that when it comes to each other, there’ll always be that always intangible yet truly existing thread. That emotion, which can only be felt. That becomes the moment where you actually go through the phase where words fail.

And that not the only time when words seem inadequate. All those moments ever since we met, when I was first heard, unbiased; becoming my guide, being after my life till I restarted playing with words and drawing – things I had left behind but held so close to my heart. The list is endless, this is almost like a constant phase I go through every second. 

The thing is, there might be a hundred different ways the above statement can be held true.

However, when it comes to me and if i retrospect about my journey so far, the feeling it evokes whenever he says – “I have your back, for now and ever” in his own sweet little gestures, brings about the truest possible elaboration of that statement at the top. And I am left feeling at a loss of words trying to get it all out and let him hear… 😊

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