The Date

Aditi was up before the alarm went off that morning. Did she even get some sleep that night?
There was a spring in her step as she quickly freshened up and went to the kitchen to take care of the daily chores. Between preparing the meals and waking the two kids of the house – Aniruddh – her husband and Aadvik – their 5 year old son, she just had about ten minutes for herself. It helped her sort out her day and start on the best note possible.

But, today was different.

Kitchen tasks were taken care of at double the usual speed, then she set about to prepare the special dish of the day. That being completed, next task on hand was getting the two As to wake up, get ready and leave for the day. She had work to do.

It was already late afternoon by the time Aditi was done shopping. Good thing she decided to be in the vicinity of the decided meeting point. With apprehension heavy in the air, she started walking towards the food court. The landmark would be their favorite restaurant outlet, they had decided – Sanjha Chulha. Scanning the crowd for that one familiar face, Aditi realized she was afraid. Reminding her not to dwell on those thoughts, she willed herself to remain hopeful. She finally reached the outlet and searched all over for that one familiar face. She took a seat at the nearest table, realizing she would have to wait.

Almost an hour had passed before Aditi finally was thinking it was again a failure. They would not meet today as well. Thrice, in the last six years, had they conspired and tried to meet. To get some time alone, where they would be with each other for awhile at least before they both went back to their respective lives. All the attempts had ended on a negative note.


She did not realize how time flew before she caught movement from the corner of her eye. With dread raising, she looked in that direction. Finally, the luck had smiled at her about this.

Standing there, in front of her, was an equally happy and visibly emotional person – her mother.


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