Book Review – The Peshwa, The Lion and The Stallion

Author –Ram Sivasankaran

Sold by – Westland Ltd.

ISBN-13: 978-9385724213

Format – Paperback

About the Book – 

Seldom we come across a book which brings alive the era gone by. Ram Sivasankaran manages to do just that and brilliantly! This book has been on my wishlist for a while now and am glad i finally got to read it.

The books charts the life of Peshwa Bajirao from his childhood to his rise as a true warrior and strategist and also his personal life before the entry of the “Princess of Bundelkhand”. That’s one of the things i liked about the book – it concentrates on his life before “Mastani” and not after that.
The language is simple, you can easily connect with the characters which are aptly described, not leaving any space for confusions. Emotions are portrayed in a way that you can feel yourself being a part of them – be it the sadness Bajirao feels at his father’s death, or the episode when he goes to meet his betrothed.

Cover – Intriguing. A lone person on a lonely road with the Autumn surrounding, nice one.

My Take

The book might not be entirely historically correct, nor does the book claim to.

Having watched the movie version and then reading the book inadvertently makes you chalk out comparisons.

The character sketches and the pace is really good. Language has been kept simple that only increases the joy of reading. The

Though the only glitch was that having watched the movie first and then reading the book resulted in unintentional comparisons of the facts in both versions, along with the fact that this might not be entirely historically correct, still this is one of those books which you just can not put down once you start reading.


Cover – 2.5/3

Title – 2/3

Plots – 2.5/3

Overall Rating – 2.3/3

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Amazon – (Kindle Edition)

Note – This book copy was sent by Writer’s Melon for an honest review.

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