Book Review – Graffiti

Author – Joanie Pariera

Sold by – Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited


Format – Kindle Edition

About the Book – Graffiti – writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. The title seems perfect for the story as it develops. Set across Bangalore and Denver, the books charts the lives of our main characters – Rene and Vipin. Rene, who is still coming out of the shock her ex-boyfriend gave, and Vipin, who lost his wife in a car accident and plunges deep into depression holding himself entirely responsible for the crash. Then there are other main characters like Rene’s best friend Upasana (better known as Upi), Upi’s husband Hari, and a handful of other people.

Then there’s also Mark, who is convinced Rene is the love of his life and is trying some unusual methods to woo her.

A chance meeting between Rene and Vipin rolls the ball forward and we end up with a mixed bag of liked and not so liked parts of the story.

Cover & Title – A lone man and a small portion of what we call graffiti. The title may be a good choice, may be not.

My Take

The narrative is in third person, but for Vipin’s story, which I thought was the most confusing part for me. Reading and trying to get into the story as a third person, starting the next page with a first person account and suddenly back to third person, sometimes takes away a few seconds to adjust with the changes.

Overall, a cocktail of emotions and confusions, Graffiti has its own shares of ups and downs for me. For instance, it took me a lot of while to get settled to read the story with an actual interest developing. Then there was a downhill graph at few points which made me skip the portions. Bingo! I was able to completely put in the missing pieces without any unease. This meant a lot of descriptive portions that I believe could have been done without. But once the pace settled in, it was relatively a breeze to read the story.


Cover – 2

Title – 2

Plots – 2

Overall Rating – 2

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Note – This book copy was sent by Writer’s Melon for an honest review.



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