Book Review – Dissent


Author –Deepak Kaul

Sold by –Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited (India)


Format – Kindle Edition


About the Book – 

Dissent” – Views that are at variance with the commonly help opinions. The title left me curious to know how different the author’s takes can be on certain topics. More so when the topics were given by some of the best authors we have in the country, it piques your interest further.

This book is a collection of short stories written using the prompts given all through the Times of India’s Write India series. Reading those stories reminded me of the roller coaster ride we all love or probably hate. While the book has its own share of beautifully written stories, there are still some which don’t seem to connect at such a strong level as the others.

Cover – Intriguing. A lone person on a lonely road with the Autumn surrounding, nice one.

What I like

The stories “Karma Agni“, “How Blue is my Sapphire“, “Queen of Hearts” and “Void” were some very interesting ones, “Hell’s Angel” would be my personal favorite. I loved the way the story ran it’s course, with the right doses of suspense and a nice climax.

Taboo” and “Dissent” dangle in between the interesting ones and the graph taking a downward path somewhere in between. Taboo was a fresh read, and though Dissent started off on a very good note but ended up on a dry note, probably the predictable ending.

Void” and “How Blue if My Sapphire” touch a chord somewhere, bringing out the right emotional connect.

What I didn’t

Though most of the stories were really good, there were some which didn’t appease the reader in me.
Mirage” – a nice pacy read which lost it’s steam in the course of its lifetime. If only the thrill was kept up till the end!

Love Jihad“, “All In” were nice reads, they didn’t evoke any emotional connect; though “L.C.A” scores lowest in the my list of these stories. It seemed like just an essay on how the film and television industry works, left me with the thought how good the story could have shaped up though..

My Take – While these are my personal thoughts on the stories in this collection, it still is worth recommending. A nice read on a Sunday afternoon. You would like to finish this one in one go.


Cover – 2/3

Title – 2/3

Plots – 2/3

Overall Rating – 2/3

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Amazon – (Kindle Edition)

Note – This book copy was sent by Writer’s Melon for an honest review.

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