And the fragrance lingers on…

Another day, well gone.
The usual banter, all along.

Wake up, eat, work, delete and sleep.
Some stops in the journey make you weep.

Tid-bits and gossips,
Pressures, balancing act and beyond.

Smiles, conversations
Give the satisfaction;
What and where comes from, the attraction.

Tis said, people before everything.
Talk about bliss, money can do nothing.

Yet this race,
At this super fast pace;
Run after money, can buy us all,
Like that’s indeed the case.

Woke up, saw,
Lamented, felt that line to draw.

The thin line between virtuality and reality,
Understanding which can gift one insanity.

Being together more in the virtual.
Conversations, communication really grow up to become our ritual.

The bridge over which to communicate truly,
Talks and touches, to give freely.

Not only meeting your virtual clone;

We’ll meet when dusk will give way to that dawn,
Know till then, your fragrance lingers on.

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