Kiss of the Breeze

The jingle of the chimes,
the rustling of the leaves,
The darkness of the clouds
filling in the skies.

The moonlight filtering through,
The horizon taking a rosy hue.
The soothing silence,
The silver lining.

The deafening roar of the thunderous passing clouds,
the raging winds,
swooshing their raindrop swords.

The blackness that brings,
rainbow in the end.
A sudden appearance,
end of all the fears.

The trees slow dancing,
with its leaves freshly bathed in the greens.
When everything quietens down to the T,
like in time, everything would freeze.

You suddenly are caressed,
tickled and teased.
It plays ever so gently,
with your hair slowly waving,

You can feel it in your core,
the happiness it brings,
When you lean in to the invisible warmth,
of the Kiss of the breeze..

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