Fall. Weep.

Get hurt. Feel.

Acknowledge the negatives.

Get bogged down by things and it’s relatives.

Fear. Loneliness.

Reach the pinnacle of the feeling called hopelessness.

Stop when tired. Get shattered.

Scream. Howl.

Break, in pain.


Cry your heart out.

Stop feeling.

Get out of that. Get away from there.

Empty yourself entirely.

Slowly stand with your shoulders squarely.

Remind, this isn’t the end.

Find yourself.


To get back.

But not with a vengeance.

Retrieve that resolve.

Don’t let yourself dissolve.

Upend the situation.

Embrace the blows.

Learn, relearn.

Remind till the end.

Fall. Rise again.

Remember who you ultimately are –

A Phoenix – die every time to be born stronger again.

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