Journey – Just Another Real Fairy Tale!

You as usual carry on living in your own world.

Just another day at work, the only new thing being the change of environment and new people you get to meet.

Enter the “Hulk” seemingly forever in the bad mood…

Arrogance personified!

And, in that instant, the most weird wish for that time – “Wish he were mine!”

An year gone by, and not even a Hi.

Always surrounded, and that girl, WHY!

And starts the quest, to gain even an acknowledgement.

Of the existence of this mere mortal.

Wistfully mingling with the same person she would rather do without,

you may never know how the mind and heart can find a way out.

And then, just like that, you stop.

Hoping, dreaming everything – simply stop.

And that would be time to move on, without any hope for even staying in touch.

Except, surprises exist! Even if in the form of silly social networking games.

Silly things to start with, they go on to become the most treasured memories you have..

And when you go back to that same place, the fleeting look of surprise you are greeted with..

And another chapter delicately begins..

So noiselessly and so surreal, you are sometimes left not sure.

The times, when the roles get reversed.

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