The Monsters in my Closet

Wandering through the unending passageways,

Seeking a little flicker of hope.

Running away from all that is past,

which have been trying to cope.

Darkness is the most powerful they say,

wait till it is defeated by what happens for real.

A battle never ending,

the all consuming anger and guilt.

Anger about the helplessness and which results in guilt.

Them coming back over and over again,

fighting the lone battle numerous nights.

Putting up a brave face to the world,

or the one who means the world.

Too many years being used,

many a times helpless.

The monsters hiding in the closet,

conquer the mind.

Finding yourself standing alone,

fearing no one would understand.

Bogging you down at every step, coming back more than necessary.

In the end, as they say –

you have to fight your own battles,

and come out victorious.

There you would see,

a single silver lining in the cloud

Enough to get you going, turn over a new leaf.

The day you can surely say,

I defeated, the monsters in my closet.

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