Three months is a really long time to store everything just in your head and trying to dabble with everything in the most correct manner. This weird habit of life – to either flow at a snail’s pace.. or run as fast as a light beam!

Too much to do.. too much to decide upon.. too many transitions that have happened in between… Mostly good and some worse than the worst.. sometimes you just have that feeling to stop and look back in retrospection..

Smile, is all that comes as the reaction!

Satisfied with however I’ve been putting up with life and its load full of surprises ranging from outright silly/joyous to extremely annoying and heartbreaking; the larger picture says – not that bad..

You get to learn every single second. Even if you don’t want to, or are not ready to. The past tells me the best things have happened when you least expect them. When the soul in you is on the verge of giving up. But something still remains, a teeny weeny, itsy bitsy chunk of a feeling. A feeling called hope.

Somewhere down the line, I had made some wishes, some promises – to self and to others. I know i might not have been able to keep them all. The bucket list I had made at the start of the year, may never get fulfilled!

Still, all I know is, I am still striving. Every second, to understand it all.. the magic of the complexities, the variations of the moods and choices. The different emotions.. and above all – the relationships. Some new like a just born baby, some older than even my memories..

Everything is a matter of the heart… and in between the constant battles going on in my head, I would always like to look behind to remind myself – “you have made it happily so far…” 🙂

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