Off to the skies, here I wander
curious, what would it have to offer?
The castles on the clouds
the seas beneath,
it’s a different world altogether to roam about.

Cotton mounds, or mountains of clouds?
Is that a cave, the way I see…
The golden hue
The sunshine shining through
That’d be so wonderful to have all these for me!

Raring to just reach out to them.
Outstretched hands, how I want to begin..
The personal touch to sculpt it all –
the castle the mountains the lakes the spires standing tall!

Then it feels when you reach out to them,
it is nothing but just a Mirage.
Reflecting the life’s futility
you touch it and off it vanishes!

Still at the same time, you are prone to think,
cruising on the deep blue skies.
It maybe vast and frightening,
but it surely is no reason to flee.

For in these tempestuous places, you find the serenity.
The hope you find in the most rare places.
That all is meant to be.
Life’s nothing but to glee…

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