Triumphing Fear!

The emotion, that can take birth out of nowhere and creep up to the deepest recesses of your mind..

From where does this raw emotion get its strength! To be capable of clawing at our resolves that were so strong. Its not like it’s a sign of weakness to be scared – but to what extent?

Many a times, we feel afraid of something. About the mundane chores, deadlines, darkness and what not. Memories,  can also be the biggest contender in this list. It stops us from doing anything that maybe related to them memories, or incidents. Causing those events to be played on loop before our eyes. Even if it means losing out on something. Something that is good.

Like invisible chains tied to our feet, fear “can” bring us on our knees.  

So what exactly is the option? Bowing down to it, or absorbing the courage it brings with itself – to make us stop and ask ourselves. What is it exactly that we fear? Something really big enough to impact our lives and proper functioning so much! True, its not so easy. But what is life if so easy?

Maybe this is all it takes – a little bit of hope and courage – to get up and decide, to fight back and move over this feeling. To look it in the eyes and say – you can not stop me from “living, in the present.” To overcome it to find out what actually lies, on the other side??  Defeating “Fear”, one day for sure!!

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