Seeking You Out!…

I may not say I love you often. I may not express. Or express freely. Just like I want to. You may ask if I think about you. And then I say I do. It gives birth to the second. And the sequence goes on…

I know I’ve a past. I know I’ve been wrong. I’ve been through a lot. Tested at every step. Hitting the rock bottom and carrying on still. I know the question still remains. Till when?

I may disappoint. Like I’ve been doing. Coz expression is something I’m still trying to learn! I know. The littlest of actions matter. So do I feel.
I may not proclaim to love you madly. I may not show it at every step. But I still love. With every breath.

This is how I’ve been moulded. But I don’t say things can’t change. I’m ready. To be mad again. To be the one for each other. Wanting to complete each other. I love without any clauses. I feel without any terms. I also love your flaws. And perhaps. That’s the best I can describe how much I do.

But I leave it to you. You lead the way. I’ve gambled my trust on you. I don’t say things would be easy. We may have to fight it out. But at the end if the day, I just wanna say – if you could just place your trust and faith In me, I’m ready to walk with you. Come what may!

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