Beauty in the Night

Have been my thoughts sometimes….


Tonight.  Or this morning?  I’m never quite sure which term to use at 4am.

At this uncertain moment, whatever it may be called, there is beauty in my life.

Darkness and evil remains, pounding and pressing around me.  I can feel its power, and I can feel its strength.  But there is light also, and this time, I can see it.  It opens my eyes and breathes calm into my soul.

It’s going to be okay.

I’m going to be okay.

Tonight was hard… I fought, I failed, I fell.  I was doing so well at first… I tried to distract myself.  I laughed and smiled and teased.  If only I could laugh and smile and tease forever… but there is always an end.  And the moment the laughter’s song faded… depression struck full force.  A sudden flood of accusations and hateful thoughts, and I was sinking.  I hated myself.  I wanted…

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