A dozen thoughts fill up the mind, every second at times. Still, there are periods, when we are just left searching for even a tiny little one. Such is the liberty the mind has, always a mystery.

I call it the mind games. Sometimes, the mind plays it with us; sometimes the other way round. It makes one reminisce about the frailty of life. It also exists for a second or two thoughts alike.

For the majority of our lives well spent, we forget about the impacts of the thoughts on our actions. I learnt it late. But still, how many of us actually stop before thinking anything, think about what we were or are going to think and then if it feels justified then allow ourselves the privilege to actually think!

If we stop now in our lives, and look back. Do we have to really think about whatever our pasts are? Revisit every action or lack thereof, then be judgemental about it. In the end, all we are going to do with us is beat ourselves up for things which were not even in our control! Then why to look back at all? Why we are always in retrospective mode!

I do somewhere understand the going through it all helps us realize the things we had got wrong in the first place. And maybe caution our conscious about not repeating it again. But what about the other feelings? The sea of thoughts, that come and knock down the wall of strength and resolve we had put so much time building. Or rather, what we think we have built.

Still looking for an answer. One that would soothe my thoughts. The ones that made me look back in retrospection. And the ones that made my what I am today, through my actions.


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