I hate your persistence to break away the ice between us. Hate the way you try. Hate that you understand me much more than I do. The way the truth of your feelings sometimes make me cry….

There comes a point in life .where there’s a war within.. And you know it in your heart what is right.. But situations arise. That test the bonds. They say true feelings never change.. But what if they also are based on priorities?? Dependent upon the stage of life…
What do you call that? When loving someone means forgetting the self… To wish to see the sunshine in their eyes, means burning yourself.. They say to love truly means to keep giving, but where’s the truth? That no matter how much selfless the love is, isn’t the crux of a human’s existence, to crave for love????

Not the way fairy tales say, not even the path where only one leads the way.. No expectations, no greed. No equations, nobody does plead. No calculations, where both live in peace.. Desirous of just love, in a place where nothing else matters.. And, in the end, a person, will be loved. For being the human she truly is..


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