Just Thoughts…. :)

Sometimes we think the most precious possession in this world is to “own” that person who you love… a word or feeling that has become synonym for getting our feelings of love reciprocated..

We are so deeply engrossed in this feeling we call “love”… that eventually our whole existence starts revolving around that person..

Maybe we women are actually wired like that.. but what’s the limit of this dependent feeling? Till what level should one really depend on somebody else, whoever it may be.. a parent, a family member… a lover or a best friend!

But What we all conveniently forget is  – ‘we’. The self. coz if there’s no us, however can we expect some other person to love us.. ..To care?
Maybe it’ll take many more heartaches, many more life lessons. and situations to realise the “self”.. and to start loving ourselves. .

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