How close is too close? How to decide the difference between being together and encroaching into each others spaces?

“Soul mates”, they say; but what is the real meaning! Being connected at an ethereal level where no words are required – coz one knows what the other is thinking even before they realise it.. And still being blissfully in a space of their own being..
Or does it mean staying together every second, sharing every thought or being in touch all the time just so that they don’t miss out on any second of the others life.. Being available even if surrounded!

Some say real connections breathe in their own space, existing contentedly with the personal space… Where even if there’s no ‘catching up’, we still know what the other’s journey is going like…

But who really is to decide?? Either of the persons, or somebody else? Or should we just leave it to the relationship itself.. To chalk out its own course.. How true is the thought – ‘Nothing else matters, in the matters of the heart….’

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